Draw random Twitter followers, retweets and hashtags instantly - Tweetdraw (Formerly Twitterdraw.com)

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Frequently Asked Questions (Please read):

RT draws have reappeared! Awesome!

That's right! Make sure you share the news. You can now pick a random retweet from the 3200 last retweets. If your results look like they may eventually exceed this amount, you can enter the tweet ID at intervals of up to 3000 retweets to have them recorded in the database (i.e. record in multiples of less than 3000).

Have your name and URL changed? Is this permanent?

Yes, our name has changed from Twitterdraw to Tweetdraw and our URL has changed from Twitterdraw.com to Competitionagency.com/tweetdraw. This is a permanent change so be sure to change all bookmarks, reminders, and your brain! The functionality of Tweetdraw works exactly the same as it did before, and there is nothing new to learn.

Can I draw from multiple accounts/Hashtags/Retweets?

No, the service cannot randomly pick from multiples of any of the above. Tweetdraw only works for individual draws.

Can I combine account/Retweet/Hashtag draws?

No, the service cannot randomly pick from combinations of any of the above. The common combination of Follow and RT giveaway draws (i.e. follow this account and Retweet this status) cannot be drawn in conjunction. Tweetdraw only works for individual draws.

Can I use Tweetdraw on mobile?

Yes! We recommend turning your phone to landscape orientation!

Thanks to @richie3366 for additional development.

Disclaimer: Tweetdraw is in no way associated with Twitter. Please note, It is wholly dependant on Twitter's Search API, and may be restricted or limited, or unavailable, depending on Twitter's API infrastructure. It is advised that you familiarise yourself with relevant API limits if there is a possibility of exceeding them with any search or draw (i.e. age or number of Tweets). Due to this reliance on the API, we can make no guarantee as to the nature of results. Caveat utilitor.