The Competition Agency is the product of years of combined experience in promotional activity both online and offline for a wide variety of clients.

Competitions, giveaways, sweepstakes and contests regularly form part of a wider marketing campaign, and can often be poorly executed, promoted and measured without a view to return on investment and targeting proper objectives for the promotional mechanic.

Our specific expertise penetrates much deeper than the commonly found, generalised approach to competitions and giveaways.  We focus on making competitions exciting, beautiful, newsworthy, shareable, measurable, logistically sound, domestically and internationally compliant and resistant to fraud and abuse.  Most importantly, we help clients identify and refine exactly what marketing objectives their campaign should target, and deliver transformative results against them.

TCA also founded one of the UK’s largest competition communities, which was acquired in 2014, and continues to develop online tools to assist brands and agencies with running contests.