Prize Draws and Competitions are what we do.

The Competition Agency is a highly specialised marketing agency delivering local, national and international prize promotional marketing campaigns. We help brands, agencies, non-profit and governmental institutions significantly increase their sales, engagement and awareness through a prize incentive, and ensure they are compliant with UK and international laws and regulations.

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How we do it:


Planning and Strategy

We can help properly identify the objectives of any prize draw or competition campaign, and optimise for revenue generation (for example for "purchase necessary") or for brand awareness, or for user engagement.

Legal and Compliance

We can ensure that whatever mechanic your prize promotion uses is legal and compliant with rules and regulations around the world. Whether local, national, or international, we can draft terms and conditions, register in territories, offer independent winner selection, and advise on risk and liability.

Design and Development

We specialise in the development of interactive promotional mechanics such as apps, instant win games, free to play games, raffle and lottery systems, and campaign microsites and landing pages. We can also easily provide infrastructure for code redemption, mobile app, and SMS activations.

Marketing and PR

We can supercharge your prize promotion with both performance marketing and PR coverage creation. We use influencer marketing, paid social, Google PPC and online outreach to generate targeted and high converting entrants interested in your campaign.

Prize Sourcing, Acquisition and Fulfilment

Sourcing, buying and distributing prizes at scale and liaising with winners across multiple channels, in multiple territories and languages can be challenging without specialist knowledge and experience. We can source and fulfil any prize imaginable, including one-in-a-lifetime winner experiences.

Hosting, Data Management and Analytics

We have data centres across the world to host data and online assets in a way that is compliant for your jurisdiction, as well as filter, moderate and report on your entries.

Our Clients: