The Competition Agency Presenting at Brighton SEO 2015


Iain Haywood from The Competition Agency was invited to speak at Brighton SEO in April 2015:

Brighton SEO is the largest online marketing conference in Europe, and when organiser Kelvin Newman asked if I’d like to speak on the main stage alongside the twin powerhouses of Emily McGillivray from Moz and Vicke Cheung from Distilled, it was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.

For my presentation, I chose to focus on the reliance on incentivisation per se in promotional marketing, where the act of giving something away alone is relied upon, to the detriment of intent, recapture value, links, PR coverage, sharing and goodwill.  “Fun” as a priority is rarely considered, given the effort (and sometimes expense) it can require.  However, taking the time to build something inherently fun as infrastructure which pulls rather than a transient campaign which requires push, means not only are the entrants and users caring and sharing a lot more, but you as promoter can worry a lot less about what and how much you need to give away.

I gave examples all the way from the lowly RT and Follow/Like and Share sweepstakes so commonly found, to leading multiplayer game titles like League of Legends and World of Warcraft, via instant win competitions, contest SaaS (like Rafflecopter and Gleam) and landing pages in between.  Whilst there are obvious leaps in budgets and technical integrations, the DNA of f2p and MMO games is 90% of what makes a giveaway work, namely:

  • Instant win (repeated action with the expectation of a different result in games)
  • Recurring entry requirements (“grinding”, or leveling up, training, missions, farming, mining in games)
  • Incentivised sharing or friend referral (team play, friend revive/heal, item sharing in games)

The slides for this presentation can be found below:

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